Who the..?

wedding videography.jpg

I'm Mike, that's me over there.

If you can get past what my partner calls my 'resting-grumpy face' I'd like to think I am a half-decent human being.

Four years ago I met her and she is the reason I live in sunny Brighton and the reason why I film weddings.

She made me realise that love and weddings and all that jazz does matter and is real, if you're willing to see it. So I guess she is also why I'm interested in capturing the love and joy of other couples on film too.

But this is an 'about me', not an 'about her', so...

I like to travel, either in my campervan or on trains (I once went all the way to Singapore on the train!). I like to hike up mountains and sleep under a tarp, preferably in the snow. I like to read, mostly pretentious philosophy books and classic literature. And doughnuts, many, many doughnuts.