Privacy Policy

For better or worse, the days of innocently taking pictures and videos in public spaces are gone. With the advent of the internet and... (drum roll) personal data, everything gets a little more complicated.

Recently, new legislation titled GDPR has been introduced to protect all of us from personal data issues. It also happens to make things more difficult for small business that by definition deal with people's personal info.

From now on I need to tell you a few fairly obvious things about what I do with your information, and you have to tell me that you are quite all right with me doing all these normal things with your information (if you are in fact okay with it). And then we get on with life. Simple.

Personal Data

I'll ask for your name because its rude to call you groom 1 or bride 13.

Your email address will also be handy as you probably live outside of shouting range.

A mobile number for contacting you on the day of the wedding also makes things easier.

Your address means I can send you awesome things like a physical copy of the video you've paid me to make.

I collect this data through the contact form on this website. It arrives in my password-protected inbox on my password-protected computer. I do not pass any of it onto third parties, nor do I bombard you with marketing emails or junk. The form has a little box at the bottom for you to tick which gives me the permission to do what I have described above.

I am more than happy to delete all of your data, personal or otherwise once we no longer need to contact one another - just ask.

Personal Images

When I have finished filming your wedding I will (hopefully) have lots of footage of you, your friends and family. This will probably include their faces and a few choice dance moves. At this point I have to tell you that I will only use the footage to make a wedding video for you - I won't use it in a way that is not explicitly implied.

I may ask you in the future if it's ok to use some of the footage for promotional purposes - for instance a feature on a wedding blog. I will always ask first and you are always welcome to tell me to do one, no hard feelings.

The footage may also feature here on my blog or on various social media platforms. This is a necessary part of business nowadays, but if this makes you uncomfortable just let me know and I can not use it.

To sum up - I am a normal human being, you are normal human beings and I will only use the footage and personal data that I collect in a normal way. If anything sounds like something you can't get on board with, drop me a line and we can have a human conversation about it.