Milli & Tom

Nowadays, it’s quite common for a bride to give a speech at her own wedding (thankfully!). However, it’s rare to see as witty and eloquent a speech as the one delivered by Milli. As soon as she started ironically(?) complementing Tom on his beauty I knew I had to include it, and I had already got a few shots that I thought would fit the audio perfectly. Luckily, Tom adheres to the great British tradition of self-depreciating humour!

The venue was the grand Bignor Park, situated on the South downs. I say grand - so much so that the exterior instantly reminded me of Wes Anderson’s ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’. The grounds provided an excellent backdrop to some of the party shots, and a swing hung from a humungous tree provided a lovely (if slightly cliche) shot of the couple enjoying themselves. Hopefully switching the traditional roles makes it a bit more original!

Some of the more intimate places around the main building such as the summer house area, gave me an opportunity to highlight the closeness of the couple. It was easy to notice the bond that Milli & Tom shared with one another, and the gorgeous golden light of sunset made it easy for me to catch it on film.

Venue: Bignor park

Caterer: Kalm Kitchen

Dress: Blackburn Bridal

Florist: Nordic Twigs

Cake: Milk Street Kitchen

Band/DJ: The Soundouts 

Katherine & Andrew

Andrew made his feelings towards Katherine beautifully lucid in his speech - which is why I chose it as an audio overlay to begin the highlights film. It was clear that he truly meant every word, and it was obvious from the way that Katherine looked at her groom that the feelings were reciprocated. 

The couple chose Axnoller House as their venue, in the heart of the rolling Dorset hills. It’s a beautiful place and the interiors/grounds were excellent backdrops. Both Katherine & Andrew have very close-knit family and friend groups and it was abundantly clear that everyone was happy as Larry to be sharing the day with them.

Highlights of the day were the (seemingly) surprise Opera duo of the Singing Waiters (organised in secret by the father of the bride) and the awesome dance floor that erupted immediately after the first dance!

Venue: Axnoller House

Lighting: @cinemattag

Crockery: @duchessbutler

Floral design: @marthaandthemeadow

Rebecca & Mark

The award for coolest wedding venue 2018 might have to go to Rebecca & Mark. If not, it definitely gets ‘most unique’, considering the reception and party were at their awesome London town house! It was a beautiful setting for me to film at, and it seemed perfectly fitting for a couple so obviously devoted to one another.

They’d also done a great job with the decor and even installed an illuminated, disco-dance floor in their front room, making for awesome party shots. Mark had let slip that he was something of a dancer, so I tried my best to make him look as proficient as possible in the film (I’ll let you be the judge of my, and his success in this!).

The meal was around the corner at the Raw Duck restaurant. Again, the decor here was gorgeous and provided the perfect backdrop.

Highlights of the day for me were the crazy disco dancing, and the shots of the couple posing and dancing in front of a car wash, of all places (around the 2:30 mark in the film below)! The light filtering through the plastic windows/walls and bouncing off of the wet floor really added something lovely to the shots.

Venue: The Raw Duck

Amy & Will

My biggest struggle during Amy & Will’s wedding was trying to capture at least a little footage of the groom not smiling like the proverbial Cheshire Cat. As you can see from the video, I failed miserably at this task.

I don’t know what Will was like before meeting Amy, maybe he was Mr. Misery (though I doubt that!). But it was evident on the day that the instant Amy entered a room, a grin appeared on his face. Amy & Will had such a great dynamic and it was clear that each made the other as happy as can be. It really was a pleasure to film.

My highlights of the day were the lovely light during bridal prep, the awesome detailing/venue decor and the father of the bride rocking out during his stint as the DJ.

Venue: The Bell, Ticehurst

Miglena & Michael

One of the more enjoyable aspects of filming weddings is that you get to see people ‘at their best’ - smiling, laughing, reuniting joyfully with family and friends.

This was never more evident than at the wedding of Miglena & Michael. Originating from the Balkans and from across the pond respectively, the couple had family coming from all over the world. So much so that the groom’s sister even went to the trouble of calculating the miles travelled by guests to be at the wedding - she put the figure at somewhere around 75,000 miles!

It pays testament to the character of both Miglena & Michael that people were so happy to travel so far to be a part of their big day. Individually, they were a pleasure to work with - kind, thoughtful, polite. Together, they were just pure sweetness. It was clear Michael was absolutely smitten with his bride.

My highlights of the day were the amazing venue - Petersham Nurseries (if you are not fortunate enough to be invited to a wedding there I recommend visiting the coffee shop at least!). Witnessing the seamless coming together of two lovely families also made the day special to film.

Venue: Petersham nurseries.