Milli & Tom

Nowadays, it’s quite common for a bride to give a speech at her own wedding (thankfully!). However, it’s rare to see as witty and eloquent a speech as the one delivered by Milli. As soon as she started ironically(?) complementing Tom on his beauty I knew I had to include it, and I had already got a few shots that I thought would fit the audio perfectly. Luckily, Tom adheres to the great British tradition of self-depreciating humour!

The venue was the grand Bignor Park, situated on the South downs. I say grand - so much so that the exterior instantly reminded me of Wes Anderson’s ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’. The grounds provided an excellent backdrop to some of the party shots, and a swing hung from a humungous tree provided a lovely (if slightly cliche) shot of the couple enjoying themselves. Hopefully switching the traditional roles makes it a bit more original!

Some of the more intimate places around the main building such as the summer house area, gave me an opportunity to highlight the closeness of the couple. It was easy to notice the bond that Milli & Tom shared with one another, and the gorgeous golden light of sunset made it easy for me to catch it on film.

Venue: Bignor park

Caterer: Kalm Kitchen

Dress: Blackburn Bridal

Florist: Nordic Twigs

Cake: Milk Street Kitchen

Band/DJ: The Soundouts