Rebecca & Mark

The award for coolest wedding venue 2018 might have to go to Rebecca & Mark. If not, it definitely gets ‘most unique’, considering the reception and party were at their awesome London town house! It was a beautiful setting for me to film at, and it seemed perfectly fitting for a couple so obviously devoted to one another.

They’d also done a great job with the decor and even installed an illuminated, disco-dance floor in their front room, making for awesome party shots. Mark had let slip that he was something of a dancer, so I tried my best to make him look as proficient as possible in the film (I’ll let you be the judge of my, and his success in this!).

The meal was around the corner at the Raw Duck restaurant. Again, the decor here was gorgeous and provided the perfect backdrop.

Highlights of the day for me were the crazy disco dancing, and the shots of the couple posing and dancing in front of a car wash, of all places (around the 2:30 mark in the film below)! The light filtering through the plastic windows/walls and bouncing off of the wet floor really added something lovely to the shots.

Venue: The Raw Duck