Miglena & Michael

One of the more enjoyable aspects of filming weddings is that you get to see people ‘at their best’ - smiling, laughing, reuniting joyfully with family and friends.

This was never more evident than at the wedding of Miglena & Michael. Originating from the Balkans and from across the pond respectively, the couple had family coming from all over the world. So much so that the groom’s sister even went to the trouble of calculating the miles travelled by guests to be at the wedding - she put the figure at somewhere around 75,000 miles!

It pays testament to the character of both Miglena & Michael that people were so happy to travel so far to be a part of their big day. Individually, they were a pleasure to work with - kind, thoughtful, polite. Together, they were just pure sweetness. It was clear Michael was absolutely smitten with his bride.

My highlights of the day were the amazing venue - Petersham Nurseries (if you are not fortunate enough to be invited to a wedding there I recommend visiting the coffee shop at least!). Witnessing the seamless coming together of two lovely families also made the day special to film.

Venue: Petersham nurseries.